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Dysolve is a FREE notepad-style Math Solver, designed to solve Math and Engineering problems. Create calculation document on a blank sheet by typing math expressions and commands in console. Formulas are being visualized on a worksheet in formatted style. It's easy to read and understand content. Save Calculation Document locally or send to friends.

If you are used to work with heavy Math software and you are looking for something similar in mobile - DYsolve will be useful for you.

The main feature of mobile version is a Library with calculation examples - it will save your time. If a solution for your problem exists, you don't need to type formulas manually - just execute ready template. All you need is just insert values for your case. Library is very poor yet, however it will grow with each new release.


Direct Scientific Calculator

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Direct Calc is a powerful Scientific Calculator with calculation history and ability to create your own components. Calculator is powered by Dysolve math solver engine. According to many Dysolve user requests, imbedded Scientific –°alculator from there was extracted as a separate application - that's how Direct Calc appeared.