Drift Insane

It's time to postpone working and studying, and have some fun. Here is my first game for Android: Drift Insane - drift racing simulator! It's now in active development, but you can already try out to get familiar with game mechanics.

Drift Insane is a bit different from most of the games available in Store. You have a view from top (2D). You don't have to pivot your device for steering, it's controlled with slider. Accelerator pedal is controlled with slider as well, which gives you more control over your vehicle. You have to push gear speed manually and you have two buttons for footbrake and handbrake.

Graphics is very simple in this game, but it's not about graphics. It's about physics. Control mechanics in this game makes you able to perform real drifting stunts, since you have a balance between steering and pushing gas pedal.

This is more challenging and exciting. I have spent hours beating my own records while testing the game.


  • 2D top view. Simplified ascetic graphics will not distract you from crazy driving.
  • Realistic simulation of driving motion based on real car physical parameters.
  • Control drifting with steering wheel and gas sliders, push gear speed and brakes.
  • No sound in the game and no pivoting mobile device on steering, so you can play anywhere and no one will disturb you.
  • Legendary drifting cars with realistic driving physics.
  • Challenging racing tracks based on real world locations.
  • Publish results to the server, then synchronize with other devices.
  • Be a part of world driving community, watch statistics to know how good you actually are in driving.
  • Two camera modes: tied to the car (rotating together) and just following the car without rotation.
  • Speedometer in km/h, timer, and drifting indicator.

There is only one game mode now: Single mode, where you have to get to the end as fast as you can without any conditions. This is good to get familiar with racing tracks. This also is good if you just want to drive normally, without drifting. Later a drifting mode will be added, which will force you to burn your tires and make spectacular moves.

There are two racing tracks:

  • Riga Bikernieki - based on the real world location: legendary racing track in Latvia.
  • Rotterdam - embodied a Rotterdam harbor industrial atmosphere. Small track, which is good for beginners. You can finish it in less than one minute (I did in 35 seconds).

Racing cars:

  • BMW M3 e36 coupe, 3.0L engine, year 1992.

Hope you enjoy it! And don't hesitate to provide your feedback!