Simulation Library

Here you will find simulation examples of a different study and engineering problems. The problems with all necessary math formulas are described in the articles. In the end of the article sometimes you can find link to a session file (simple text file), which can be executed in DYsolve application. So, you will have ready to use interactive calculation document. DYsolve application can be found in "tools".

The thematics is spontaneous. However, basically it is related to the mechanics of the rigid bodies. You can send us your ideas for the simulations.

Last publications:


Sometimes we happen to know the crossbow parameters before we design the Limb, so we know how much the Limb will deform when the weapon is loaded. Here we gonna calculate Limb strength by given dimensions, material specs, and the maximal deformation in the loaded state.


Many of us probably tried to build a crossbow when we were young. One can be interesting hobby in any age as it could become a real challenge to design it properly. But before we start it would be useful to find a way to estimate the crossbow specs based on input parameters. Here we've built a simple yet adequate math model for simulating the crossbow shot transient process. One can be used for a classical bow calculation as well.


When the car accelerates, its rear axle is being loaded more than it does in the resting state, whereas the front axle becomes underloaded. But why does it happen?


See how you can estimate the power output of the wind turbine. All you need to consider is size (width, height), air speed, and the rotor type.


Sometimes it's easier to calculate electric circuit when you transform a triangle connection to a star connection, which is equivalent to the former and wont affect electric currents in other circuit branches.