Latest activities:


Some foam plastics could be easily cut by a hot wire. We will explore the wire heating process when the voltage is applied and see what temperature it can reach.


The mathematical model, provided here, will help to evaluate the general case Power transformer parameters, when we don't know what is transformer used for. Another approach described here is commonly used to calculate the transformer for the specific given power consumer.


Fourier Series has many technical applications. For instance, it is widely used in radio electronics to generate various periodic signals. Check out how you can use Dysolve to break down your function into Fourier Series.


Dysolve 3.0 Release for Windows. Application engine was fully reworked, however, the command line syntax is mostly backward compatible with the old one. Also remote personal folder is not supported here. It was abandoned due to low usage.


Sometimes we happen to know the crossbow parameters before we design the Limb, so we know how much the Limb will deform when the weapon is loaded. Here we gonna calculate Limb strength by given dimensions, material specs, and the maximal deformation in the loaded state.


Many of us probably tried to build a crossbow when we were young. One can be interesting hobby in any age as it could become a real challenge to design it properly. But before we start it would be useful to find a way to estimate the crossbow specs based on input parameters. Here we've built a simple yet adequate math model for simulating the crossbow shot transient process. One can be used for a classical bow calculation as well.


Five Things stuff organizer is finally released! Lost while tracking your personal belongings? When there is too much stuff in your house, garage, or office, it becomes to tricky to keep tracking of all of them. Sometimes you need something urgently, but you know that searching for it will take to much effort. Five Things stuff organizer will help to keep it in order. The Five Things will help you to store your item information cards, as well as organize them by categories and locations.


When the car accelerates, its rear axle is being loaded more than it does in the resting state, whereas the front axle becomes underloaded. But why does it happen?


See how you can estimate the power output of the wind turbine. All you need to consider is size (width, height), air speed, and the rotor type.


The website engine was reworked, it got a bit of redesign as well. We've also moved it to https protocol to make it more secure for you.


You know how fast your car is, and you are driving onto the highway from the village. But you see another car is driving on the highway towards you at 100 km/h speed and hundred meters distance. Is it safe to drive onto the highway? Check the answer.


The mobile version of Dysolve recently had a major release! The network part of the application was fully reworked. It now works much more stable and predictable, when you access your remote folder, send messages and documents to your friends.


Dysolve v2.6 for Windows was released. No new functionality was added, but the server interaction was fully reworked, which will result to more stable workflow with saving/reading documents on remote folder and sending messages/documents to friends.


Dysolve server is under maintenance. Actually, it is being reworked now and won't be available for a while.


Website was fully rebuilt on the new engine. Content from the older site version will be added gradually.