About this project

Hey. I'm Stanislav Noskov, application development, science, and engineering enthusiast from Riga, Latvia. I've graduated from Riga Technical University in 2010 with the master's degree in Mechanics and Machinery. After that followed four years of doctor studies (unfinished). I've worked as a stress engineer in Aviation industry a couple of years, but last few years I'm the professional software developer.

In 2016 I've release Dysolve math solver app, which is a simple tool for creating interactive calculation worksheets. It is suitable for solving applied mathematics and engineering problems. Of course I knew it can't compete with the well known software as Matlab, Mathcad and others. However, it was able to cover the majority of calculation tasks I had to do in my personal researches. The emphasis was put on simplicity and efficiency. You can find description and the app itself in applications section.

The main idea behind this site is to create a Library with learning materials with Dysolve calculation documents attached, so you can execute the document in Dysolve app and get an interactive calculation worksheet with results. So, if you've got to calculate some routine problem, say, the circle's area or the conductor's resistance, you just find it in the library, execute, change the inputs for your case, and get a result.

For me it takes a lot of effort to support the project (both development and updating the content), so I would highly appreciate any ideas of yours regarding the subjects for a new simulations. Currently the subject is more about the mechanics, and a bit electricity, because I've some knowledge and experience in these fields. However, I'm quite interested in other kind of stuff as well.

Whether you are studying or working, I hope, you'll find the project useful. My best regards.