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Dysolve is a notepad-style Math Solver, designed to solve math and engineering problems. Dysolve contains a Worksheet to save and visualize calculation history, powerful Scientific Calculator (for Android only), a simple Messenger to communicate with friends and send them calculation results, and Library with calculation examples.


When I was studying at Riga Technical University at the faculty of Mechanics and Machinery, we had to deal with simulating problems of dynamics in Mathcad software. A few years later I was teaching the subject of Mathcad application to solving mechanical problems to foreign students. We had to solve a lot of differential equation systems.

I remember, there was some issues with Mathcad. Sometimes it was quite challenging to solve a task, when there was a need for more flexible solution control. Besides, the interaction with application, which involves a lot of mouse usage was not always handy for me. There was an alternative - Matlab. However, it was not used on our faculty and in general it is not user friendly for beginners and costs a lot of money.

All these math applications are awesome of course, but they are expensive, heavy and contains a lot of features that you will likely not use in more than 90% of your real calculation cases.

The situation inspired me to develop my own calculation platform for solving math and engineering problems. The concept was following:

  • Simple and minimalistic GUI application with console interaction, which involves mouse usage as less as possible.
  • Basic functionality, which covers most typical student and engineer tasks.
  • Availability: application is lightweight (about 10 mb), free of charge and cross-platform.
  • A document is saved as a sequence of user inputs. It's quite primitive approach, which however gives you a possibility to edit calculation document in any text editor.
  • There is a possibility to save a document to the server, or send to another user.
  • The platform is flexible, any new function can be implemented with minimal efforts.

Now all these concepts are implemented in Dysolve. It is available for you on Windows, Android, and Mac OS X.

Usually people won't waste a lot of time for exploring an application, which is not widely known. In fact, you don't need a lot of time to explore Dysolve. If you are seeking for advanced calculator basically - you can start using Dysolve immediately.


Inputs are being done through a command line. Input string gets processed and user data is then visualized on worksheet in more natural way. Also mathematical expressions are visualized in usual way, as formatted. Thus, software allows not only to perform calculations, but also to create formatted report.

For example, user input line f(x) = e^x*(A*sin(pi*x/n) + B*cos(pi*x/n)) will be visualized as follows:

Dysolve allows to construct mathematical model using several basic entities like variables, functions, vectors, matrices, arrays. Also are available for/while loops (inner loops are supported as well), if/else blocks, ordinary differential equation system solve blocks. To visualize results you can use 2D- and 3D graphs. You can write array contents to a text file as well to process results further in MS Excel.

Unlike many CAS programs, where calculation is being performed "from top to bottom" and a scope of created variable locates behind it, created entities in DYsolve are available for other members from everywhere, i.e. scope of any entity is not depending on its location on a worksheet. Thus, all entities are global.

You can save results of you work only as session file, which is text document with full history of user inputs and additional information about a project. While reading such file Dysolve interprets string lines in order of appearance. On the other hand it brings you a possibility to setup mathematical model by using only notepad, and then read it in Dysolve.

DYsolve user interface is simple: you have a worksheet (1), command line (2), statusbar (3), panel with basic options (4), and component preview area (5):

You can execute commands by pressing "Enter" button on the right to the command line or simply pressing "Enter". With "tab" it is easy to switch focus between the worksheet and the command line, if you prefer to work with keyboard only.

Panel with basic options has six bookmarks:

  • Input/Output - to read/write/send work session.
  • Workspace content - to manage all entities created on the worksheet.
  • 2Dplot - to create 2D function graphs.
  • Settings.
  • Multiline Executor - write down several commands and execute them in batch.
  • Functions - list with all available system functions.

In quick guide section you will quickly learn basic Dysolve features.

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