created at November 10, 2021

Five Things - Stuff Organizer

Five Things was created to solve the problem with tracking your personal belongings and enhance productivity.

Why Five Things?

When there is too much stuff in your house, garage, or office, it becomes to tricky to keep tracking of all of them. Sometimes you need something urgently, but you know that searching for it will take to much effort. This will probably end up with buying the similar item again, and you can consider how annoyingly it would be to locate the original item after a while.

The other scenario it's when you come to the market to buy the very similar product, but you don't have the original one in your hand. Maybe you want to compare the price, description, or the way it looks like. Wouldn't it be nice to have a product card stored in your phone?

You can also use the app as "Things to buy" list for the items you wish to buy in the future.

Simple data structure, easy to use

The Five Things inventory organizer will help you to store you item information cards, as well as organize them by categories and locations. Each Category (e.g. Electronics) contains a subcategories inside (like Laptops, Phones, etc.). Each Location (e.g. Home) contains places (like Kitchen, Locker). You will create your own categories and locations as you wish. There is also a status attached to each item (like "In Use" or "Out of stock") and any number of tags.

You can search over your items by name or description, as well as specify categories, locations, status, or tags.